A Vintage Mobile Sportsman Trailer

Information about my vintage 1948 Mobile Sportsman trailer.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Rear View

This is the first picture I saw, and all it took to convince me that I had to have it!

It is a 1948 Mobile Sportsman house trailer, yes, house trailer, it is not a "camper".
I had for years wanted to redo an old trailer, but didn't have the time or money.
When I got a little time, I didn't have much money, and so built a teardrop as a substitute using both new and salvaged material to make it look "old".
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After enjoying the teardrop, money and time came together, and when I found the Sportsman for sale, I didn't waste much time getting it home!

As an interesting side note, I had actually found another Mobile Sportsman trailer only a mile from home a year earlier, but it was too far gone to use for anything but parts, so when the other one came up for sale, the decision was easy!

This trailer had been purchased used by an older couple for camping trips, and in recent years had been rather neglected.
My plan was to clean it up a bit, do some retro fitting, and go camping, but before I even got it home, trouble started.


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